Official 1 Nikkor VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 annoucement

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Donald Chin
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Re: You May Be Disappointed ...

Jim F wrote:

... something to consider here about this new 70-30 lens (and I'm not trolling or bashing as I am an interested N1 owner too) ... if one thinks that they can simply zoom in to 810mm (300mm x 2.7) on this N-1 lens which at longest focal length is going to be a f/5.6 and get sharp, handheld shots, it's going to be a bit of a reality check for you. Even if this is a very sharp lens at the long end, at that max focal length you'll need to use very high shutter speeds to combat blurred images due to camera shake (even on a tripod). However, to get very high shutter speeds, you might need to kick up the ISO to a much higher setting than you're accustomed to using with the V1 or V2 (with the FT-1 which did not slow down your f-mount lenses) even with the lens wide open at f/5.6. Clearly the V1, and even more so, the V2, has a low threshold of decent ISO performance, So, if you have to kick up the ISO to support the slow N1 70-300 lens at long focal length, what kind of image acuity will you achieve (without rock solid tripod support and long lens techniques)?

Since the V3 has an 18.4mp sensor (vs. the 14mp sensor of the V2), what kind of ISO performance can the V3 support? Same size sensor, more mega-pixels - usually a recipe for more image noise. Just some things to think about, especially at its price point. I'll not buy this lens given all of the aforementioned factors. I've learned my lesson about being a Nikon "early-adopter".)

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Really? Superzoom is slower and has even longer focal length, and I don't any problem at all!

Water birds (SX50HS)

SX50HS @ 215mm F6.5, 1/20s ISO 1250 handheld (That's 1200mm eqv)

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