F8 25mm body cap lens please

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Re: F8 25mm body cap lens please

tjuster1 wrote:

Ah . . . no. And here's why: the 20mm f/1.7 Panasonic exists, and although it's not bodycap-small, it IS a very small pancake with stellar IQ. Except for the extra cost (which isn't that much), why would I replace it with a slow fixed-aperture lens with inferior IQ?

IMO Oly made the same mistake with the 15mm bodycap lens . . . I saw no reason to keep it instead of the slightly more expensive but vastly superior 14mm f/2.5 pancake lens. It's not like Oly was unaware that Panasonic was already producing a tiny lens with nearly the same FL.

Now the 9mm bodycap fisheye lens, on the other hand, is a brilliant concept.

Ignoring the de-kitted P14's from Korea, the P14 is a $300 lens! The P20 a $400 lens! Saying the cost difference between this and a $50 body cap lens is trivial is not realistic. Yes, I already owned both the 14 and the 17 pancakes, so the O15 didn't have much appeal to me, but a 25 would really fun for me since there is no 25mm pancake lens! Had Oly come out with a 25mm pancake it wouldn't have made sense, but I'd think they could make a 25mm BCL that was actually pretty good!

Yup, I'm in!!!!

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