Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: I know I abandoned Sony! :)

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P.s ... Die hard DSLR users, the death of this format will be great news for you. think of all the old equipment you'll be able to pick up from ebay for a pittance!

There is no such thing as a die hard DSLR user. Everyone who owns one would dump it in an instant if there was a mirror less that worked equally as well or better. None are even close at the moment. I would love to replace my D300S with a body weighing much less that did not require me to give up the things a mirror less can not do. One giant hurdle is how to make my view through the lens as clear and in focus as the optical through the lens. This is a very large hurdle for the 50% of the population that needs reading glasses to see the current EVIL.

Its already here with the Fuji X-t1 and Olympus OMD-EM1... Superior to ANY APSC dslr in every way... Sony A6000 will be great as well in autofocus and speed at its 800$ price point will be unmatched.

Oh rly? How about resolution and moire for higher price? Even 600D/SL1 kills it, and for fractional price...

Resolution and moire comparison

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