Sony A6000 Feature Demo by Sony Rep

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Re: Sony A6000 Feature Demo by Sony Rep

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Just found this feature demo of the Sony A6000 on my daily check for updated videos of the Sony A6000 Video starts around the 5-6 min mark.. looks like an internal sony presentation

At 11:15 she starts discussing where the A6000 sits in relation to the NEX-6/7. I don't know where SAR got the slide shown yesterday but this clearly says that the camera is intended for placement between the NEX-6 and NEX-7. She also does not say that the A6000 replaces the NEX-7. So is SAR just messing with us in his anti NEX-7 rants like he has done for over a year telling everyone to hold out? It just doesn't add up and sounds like manipulation to me. I also love how he refers to the NEX-7 in his advertisement links as the "Old NEX-7". WTF is the guys problem with APS-C?

Here's to the A6000 for those that want it and to those waiting out for another APS-C camera with everything we want including digital spirit/level gauge and more features. I think it's a guarantee that we'll see more feature rich APS-C cameras with the new AF technology.

Why is everyone so concerned with which model this replaces? If you have an NEX 7 and don't think the features of the A6000 are enough of an upgrade, then do not upgrade. If there is a higher end model to the A6000 in the future, either take your chances and wait, or buy now and sell when a new one comes out. Weigh the advantages with the cost, and make your decision, regardless of the future or past, or where in the line this model is supposed to be.

Thanks for posting the video. very informative!

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