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rhlpetrus wrote:

I'm still very disappointed with the way Nikon have been treating their consumer base, DX and CX, regarding lenses and pro level suppor (DX). I actually like the V3, despite the high price, which will come down quickly. I don't get their policies, which, btw, is the norm in the ML field, start very high and drop fast.

Nikon have always been about FF, and that is becoming more and more the case. They were never able, like Oly or Canon have, to produce excellent compacts (and I'm talking about their long history, since the 1950s). DX was an intermediate period, until the got the D3 right, and they have produced very few good dedicated zooms to that system.

I think I will give a chance to an m43, GX7 or OM10, and a fast zoom. If that works well in comparison to the D7000, I may drop DX as well and get an FF for when it's needed. But maybe it won't be needed. Nikon, you are slowly losing a long-time friend.

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Gotta admit, Renato, Nikon's not grokking a trend here. Oly's EM-10 is very intriguing and right-priced, and getting an f2.8 midrange zoom that's the size of a f4-5.6 DX kit zoom is tantalizing. The loss of 2/3 stop in S/N seems almost irrelevant, and there's not much DOF difference.  Only the tenuous finances of the u4/3 manufacturers is a worry, but heck, the way Nikon seems to be going they'll be there soon anyway.

Series 1's draw has always been SPEED. The V3 seems to be targeted at daylight wildlife shooters needing ungodly effective FLs. But Sony hit the Series 1's target market (the grudging 1.5 lens owner) much better with the RX100II and RX-10. The V3 could attack the RX-10, but I don't see Nikon making a 24-200 f2.8 zoom anytime soon, and the entire package would probably top $3000. With an FT-1 and an f-mount tele, it definitely would.

If the A6000 turns out well, well, that may be another nail in the coffin.

Dang, but Hogan was right 2 years ago when he went u4/3 for his backpacking stuff. Ming Thein uses almost nothing else but an EM-1 (and a D800 but only in the studio), and Kirk Tuck went mirrorless long ago. And after this last long trip with a D7100, I've begun to feel - photographically - pointlessly fat and heavy.

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