Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

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Re: Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

stevo23 wrote:

Mel Snyder wrote:

Tim Devine wrote:

How fast of a lens are you looking for, and at what aperture do you expect vignetting to be gone?

The Canon FDn 24 f/2.8 performs surprisingly well. Vignetting is pretty much gone at f/5.6, corners are pretty good too. By f/8 and f/11 it's pretty much sharp all the way into the deep corners. CA has to be dealt with, but I consider it an amazing bargain given its price/performance ratio. I'm using the CIECIO7 FD to E adapter.


newyorkcity wrote:

What options are there for the A7R in the 24mm range that isnt affected by vignetting?

I'm thinking about getting the Voigtlander 35mm 1.2 with the novoflex adapter but I'm curious what options there are with other adapters along with this 1 (M mount) if there are any.

I use the Canon FDn 24mm f2. Excellent, but I use it only because I've owned it since the late 1980s/early 1990s (don't remember when). Quite good, but I cover 28mm f3.5 with my A7 kit lens. I use a 17mm f3.5 Tokina AT-X Pro as my main wide lens - when I shoot wide, I want really wide.

Mel - how do you like that Tokina? I know Ken Rockwell likes it and his sample images are quite good. But then, he's not used it on an A7.

I have used it on the A7 for just a few shots, under the worst possible setting last week - ISO 2000 at a badly lit bowling alley. Below is one:

Because people on the edges of the frame were moving, and the shutter speed was really low, even for a wide angle, look at the static people, chalkboard etc. I think under landscape settings, it will be very good.

It is not a cheap lens - I saw them going for around $400 on eBay. And make sure no one crapped up the AF/MF clutch - a lot of people didn't know how to use it and forced it. It should make a definite "clunk" as it switches mode.

Also - you MUST use a thin B&W or other polarizing filter on it, and most lens shades will vignette on it. I lost mine and have had difficulty finding one that doesn't vignette full frame

Full disclosure: I was the one years ago who proposed Ken test it:

On 8/11/10 10:04 AM, "Ken Rockwell" <> wrote:

> THanks for the suggestion!

> I bought a 17mm over eBay 10 days ago, it arrived last thursday, and

> I just wrote it up at


> and



> Ken

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