Sony E-lenses or FE-lenses on Sony a6000

Started Mar 13, 2014 | Discussions thread
wb2trf Veteran Member • Posts: 3,180
Probably should stick with APS-C emount

I wouldn't buy FE lenses now.  They have only disadvantages for the A6000 over native e mount: they are larger, don't have OIS and are more costly.  They are not meaningfully sharper than available emount glass.  You can always sell your emount lenses on ebay or CL, if you want to do so later.  What I might do, possibly, is carefully buy used lenses on ebay or CL so that you minimize your costs now and later, or if so convinced that FF was in my future, buy A7 now.  It's shipping.  A6000 is not yet.

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