Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

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Re: Sony A7R: What options for 24mm?

JeffGo wrote:

Yes, I guess the 24-70II is another option. But 280 vs 805g is a huge difference on a 407g camera - are you using the battery grip? Not to mention $2300 vs $600.

Yes the 24-70L II is big/heavy but it's zoom and it's as sharp as Canon prime including L prime in that range. I really hope FE 24-70/4.0 OSS has similar optical performance except f/4.0 vs f/2.8 but it's not the case especially at both ends so I hope rumored FE 16-35/4.0 OSS has similar performance as Nikon 16-35/4.0 VR that will be a winner to me.

No I didn't have battery grip (and I have not bought battery grip for any cameras so far). I have 3 batteries with me in the trip, one Sony OEM one and two third party ones from BuyDig's gift that seems perform very well. I actually don't have a complaint in short battery life as that's something you have to compromise for small/light body. In my trip two batteries are enough for one day shooting with A7R .  My only major complaint with A7R is still widely reported shutter vibration with tele FL in a specific range of shutter speed so I still used 5D3 more in daylight in the trip but I truly enjoys A7R in evening tripod photos.

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