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+1 and then the folks that hammer us for returning poor products that cost over a $1000 USD?...unbelievable, Sony get somebody over there to open their eyes and actually look at the quality of the $hite you are selling to good folks!

You can say that again, there always seems to be a resident expert who tries to profess that you know nothing and they know everything. It seems to me the point of this post was to point out and discuss the lack of quality control by Sony and other manufacturers. Over the years my general policy when buying lenses has been to order three lenses of the focal length I wanted and test each one of them against each other. It was quite obvious that there was always a winner in this test. The problem with the Sony FE lenses at this time is that it's almost impossible to order three of them because they're not available so I would tend to agree with the poster above that you have to wait six months before you even think about buying one of these lenses. Roger Cicala at lens rentals says "We’ve been testing exactly this way for several years, identifying 60 to 70 lenses a month as decentered. We retest all of those on an optical bench and rarely find one that was actually OK. In other words, the test is nearly 100% specific. If it says a lens is decentered, it’s almost certainly decentered." I wish that lens rentals would start selling its own lenses after testing, it would be worth it. I'm on my way to my dealer right now to get my second copy of the 24-70 FE  and will have to spend another two or three hours testing this one. I had been thinking of getting the 70-200 F4 Sony but now am having second thoughts.

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