Sony A6000 Feature Demo by Sony Rep

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Notes from this useful Presentation

Thanks for posting this. I took notes on topics that have appeared as questions or concerns in other forum postings:

For those wanting to watch, it really starts at around 10 minutes


A6000 is clearly positioned as the Nex7 successor.  "Those upgrading from Nex 7 will be happy"

Two benefits of gapless microlenses: 1.  better handling of angled light at the sensor edge (this is the color shift and vignetting issue that was seen when using certain WA lenses on the Nex7) and 2. more light collection for better low light performance

It uses ONLY phase detect AF when set for continuous AF (for speed) but uses both PD and CD in other modes.

A new mode, AF-A, switches dynamically between Hybrid-PDCD-AF when a target is stationary to only PD (for speed) when that subject starts to move.

Has variable size Lock-on AF zones for large objects

Has eye-AF for precise focus on pupils.

The new multiinterface shoe is an upgrade from Nex7 and is iso compatible for non Sony devices such as lighting and microphones

Users can tilt built in flash back for bounce, but Sony does  not promote this for fear of damage to the unit

The presenter does not claim that the VF is an upgrade, just that it is very good and all 3rd party reviews have been very happy with it.

The presentation was posted by the presenter and is for store personnel.

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