Sony E-lenses or FE-lenses on Sony a6000

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Re: Sony E-lenses or FE-lenses on Sony a6000

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

If you can afford to buy FE lenses for your A6000 and you definitely intend to go FF in future then it makes sense.

Just bear in mind that the 24mp apsc sensor has a higher pixel density than the current full frame sensors and is more demanding in terms of resolving power. FE lenses won't perform at their full potential.

Also, there are advantages to using apsc lenses other than cost - for example, E lenses tend to be a bit smaller and have OSS.

There's no point making a significant investment in apsc lenses if the A6000 is just a stop-gap, but I'd probably be inclined to have a couple of E lenses which are optimized for use on that camera.

Will FE lenses fully support the hybrid PDAF on the A6000 and allow the fast AF that is one of the A6000's main selling points?

There is no reason to believe that FE lenses will not get the hybrid AF treatment. IIRC, an early video about a6000's AF involved FE 55.


Get Hybrid AF treatment? The A7 has hybrid-AF, I was under impression all FE lenses are hybrid-AF compliant out of the box?

Yep. It was specifically to address any assumption that things changed with a6000, bit if the lens can support one hybrid AF, it should be able to support the other (hence designed for it already).

In fact, I would think that pretty much all E-mount lenses might be hybrid ready from the beginning (the AF motor likely takes the same design approach).

I was thinking more of the FW side. Several older APS-C lenses had to be upgraded to support hybrid-PDAF when Nex-6 and 5R(?) were released; I believe Zeiss Touits are soon getting their hybrid PDAF FW too. Nothing like that has been mentioned with A6000, I'd quess it is safe to assume no massive lens FW upgrades are needed.

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