Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

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Re: Once And For All - All this "Nuts" about Focusing Speed

fuji P wrote:

For anything slower than a moving bullet....

I'm sure your suggestion to pros that they are wasting their money with D4s etc unless they are shooting "anything slower than a speeding bullet" is well meant, but I think you'll find that most of them know rather more about they're doing than you do.

When you start talking about professionals you are talking of a different league.

No you aren't. You are talking about exactly the same thing, often similar subjects, similar places, but pros just do it to a higher standard.

Not only that, pros are more likely to be able to overcome any shortcomings of a camera due to experience, so actually autofocus ability is often more important to the less experienced.

Photography covers a huge range and you, like so many other amateurs, are making the mistake of assuming that what you do with a camera is the same as everyone else. It isn't.

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