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tt321 wrote:

texinwien wrote:

tt321 wrote:

texinwien wrote:

In my experience, the condition in which the 20mm f/1.7 is slower to autofocus (that of switching back and forth between focusing on something between 0.2 and 0.5 meters and something between 0.75 meters and infinity) is an absolute rarity.

Not so fast.

Whoah, Nelly!

Please take a moment to read the portion of the quote I bolded above. Then take a moment to read the next one. It directly followed the above passage in my post, but you snipped it out in your reply to me:

I accept that this may not be the case for others, however.

Also this one, with which I signed off:

Or just about 99.9% of all photographic situations in which I find myself. Again, YMMV.

I believe I made it crystal clear that I was talking specifically about my experience, and that other photographers may have different needs. Do you disagree?

I sometimes have this work flow: See something, turn on the camera, (roughly) frame, focus, and take one shot or a number of bracketed shots. Turn off the camera.

My E-M5 is set to reset focus to infinity when I turn it on. It's usually finished with that before I am able to get the camera to my eye and frame my shot. In over 5,000 photos taken with my E-M5 and 20mm (one of 9 native m43 lenses I own), I cannot recall one instance in which I missed a shot because of slow focus with the 20mm immediately after turning my E-M5 on.

Again, that's my experience. YMMV (look it up if you don't know the meaning).

You seem to think that I was accusing you of generalizing your personal experiences to others, which I feel the need now to assure you was not my intention at all. For any confusion created, my apologies.

What I did was to supply another set of personal experiences, basically joining you in the task of filling out the entire set of personal experiences.

Not all cameras seem to have the facility of resetting lens focus to infinity? I must admit I have not seen or investigated this possibility with my G3.

I am pretty sure the G3 will reset the lens too, both when you mount a new lens, and when you turn the camera on after it's been off. Both my G1 and my E-M5 does it, and I think all MFT cameras do this by default (although at least some may have an option of disabling it). If you have the 20, you can easily see this for yourself since its AF is visible as well as audible. Doesn't it perform a little dance where it moves the inner barrel in-out every time you mount it or turn the camera on?

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