Nikon VS Canon? SLR or Point and Shoot?

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Re: Nikon VS Canon? SLR or Point and Shoot?

Heaven is for real wrote:

Teresa in Florida wrote:


Hello again....I'm still debating whether or not I am going to keep my Canon T5i or return it for a really good point and shoot. A friend of mine owns the Nikon L820 and her pics are amazing with a 30x optical zoom!!!

Does anyone own a Nikon point and shoot or recommend one that also offers high def video?

Please advise

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Teresa in Florida

Neither, get HX300 50x zoom

Why one should do that?

I mean well, If you know why, go for it, but this is not the case here. T5i is far superior cam minus zoom to all of these. I´d trade zoom for quality everytime in my price range. There is good reason for it, and there can be good reason against it. You just should know (especially OP should) WHY you do all this and what do you really need, what gear can get you there.

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Why does he do it?

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