RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

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Re: RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

nannyg wrote:

And I really would like to see someone here take it upon themselves to put together a side by side by side set of examples;

Take a RAW+JPEG shot that is of a typically "artful" subject - let's say a nice close-up of a flower or similar vegetation - that was NOT grossly underexposed or in any other way "damaged" by ridiculously poor/inattentive choices of camera settings, but which could also be said to be "imperfect" in some way that is commonly adjustable in PP.

Then PP the JPEG to get the best possible result and the PP the RAW to get the best possible result (honestly attempting to make the JPEG look as similar as possible to the RAW) and then present all three images. Best case would be to do this with 3-4 different subjects and don't reveal the identity of the RAW/JPEG photos until the bottom of the post.

One of the great benefits of raw, imo, is that it provides a kind of insurance for those times when you screw up exposure or white balance.  If I could pick the perfect time of day, or if I could control the light, for each of my shots, then raw wouldn't have any advantage for me.

But my reality is that sometimes I make mistakes, and sometimes I have no choice but to shoot in horribly contrasty light.  And it is those occasions which make me glad I shoot raw because it gives me more room for repairing the image.

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