One of these must go: D600 or D800. Which one?

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Re: You have to decide based on

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i can't imagine why u would not keep the best one (obviously the d800).

Why is the D800 (obviously) better?

the parimeters that only you know. Personally, I'd keep the D800. You should know what attributes of each you like, and which are most important. This is a thread that shouldn't even be here. You own both bodies. Should be an easy choice. Why do you think anyone on here can help you decide?? I could see if you were looking to buy and hadn't owned either and needed some advice.+

Ok, first of all, people need to drop the forum police defensive approach.

"This thread shouldn't even be here"? WTF?

I have a fairly good idea of which camera I want to keep, and FWIW I like both cameras equally. They do different things well.

The original question is a philosophical one, and one that could point to an interesting debate with considered responses. For e.g. Just asking the question suggests that for practical purposes it could be argued that these two bodies are more or less equal. Or, if the D600 would be kept over the D800 does that suggest that the extra features/customisations of the D800 are "worth" the extra cost?

If you don't like what you read in forums, why a) read them and b)respond??!!

in reply to frank-in-toronto; If the D800 is obviously better, then why did Nikon introduce new features to the D600 e.g User modes. Is 36MP better than 24? My Hard drives don't think so! Is it better because it costs more? If the D600 costs less, is more or less equal to the D800 in terms of IQ (some would say 'better' at high ISO) then isn't that 'obviously' better?

I would keep the d800. I like the controls, larger files, and better focusing.

I don't think this is a philosophical question. You haven't told us anything about how you shoot or what's important to you in a camera. So how are we supposed to provide meaningful suggestions? If you have shot with both and neither seems to offer any strong advantage for you, then sell the one you can get more money for.

Started well, but then you got a little bit cross.

I don't know why this question is upsetting people enough to feel compelled to tell me where to stick it!

Does it matter how I shoot? (BTW, the answer's in my sig) - Most cameras at this level can handle most situations well, and I'd dare say that both the D600 and D800 are aimed at a similar demographic. It's hardly point and shoot vs Phase One here...

I asked, Which one would you keep? It's a curiosity, not an attack!

To give a thoughtful response, it does matter how you shoot. I think people are responding as they are because they assumed you were here looking for practical advice. I'm realizing maybe that wasn't the purpose of your post.

And I did answer your question of which I would keep, and told you why. No attack here either!

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