One of these must go: D600 or D800. Which one?

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Re: You have to decide based on

paulski66 wrote:

jadot wrote:

Started well, but then you got a little bit cross.

Sensitive much?

You guys! You just don't get our English homo(u)r, do ya?

I don't know why this question is upsetting people enough to feel compelled to tell me where to stick it!

You're the only one getting upset.

See above.

Does it matter how I shoot?

If you're shooting a lot of sports, perhaps the d600 with its faster framerate would have a slight edge. Landscapes? Maybe the d800 with its extra megapixels would have an edge. Lots of travel/banging the camera around a lot? Again, maybe the extra build quality of the d800 is more important.

(BTW, the answer's in my sig)

So, we're supposed to go do research on your shooting habits to answer a question for you?

You can do whatever you like, just quit with the High fallutin' snobbery.

I stick with my original suggestion: Keep the one you like more.

See above.

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