Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: I know I abandoned Sony! :)

pavi1 wrote:

DJF77 wrote:

P.s ... Die hard DSLR users, the death of this format will be great news for you. think of all the old equipment you'll be able to pick up from ebay for a pittance!

There is no such thing as a die hard DSLR user. Everyone who owns one would dump it in an instant if there was a mirror less that worked equally as well or better. None are even close at the moment. I would love to replace my D300S with a body weighing much less that did not require me to give up the things a mirror less can not do. One giant hurdle is how to make my view through the lens as clear and in focus as the optical through the lens. This is a very large hurdle for the 50% of the population that needs reading glasses to see the current EVIL.

Its already here with the Fuji X-t1 and Olympus OMD-EM1... Superior to ANY APSC dslr in every way... Sony A6000 will be great as well in autofocus and speed at its 800$ price point will be unmatched.

Then you have the full frame beast Sony A7. Sure it has its quirks but the image quality is truely amazing and a lot of famous pros are already using it exclusively for landscapes and portraits. Brian Smith and trey ratcliff come to mind.

zack arias Uses the fuji system mostly even though he has a phase one

I hate it when people that are not informed make blanket statements when they have NO experience with a product. I like DSLRs too and use both mirrorless and dslrs but to be honest i take my Dslr less and less

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