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Re: FE 24-70 QC

LWS2013 wrote:

I've had my 24-70 for a couple of weeks and I've been really pleased with the results I'm getting from it, while 24mm might be less than great the rest of the range is almost as good as my Nikon 24-70 f2.8, even at 70mm f4 its sharp enough.

so a friend of mine who also has an A7R bough a copy of the FE 24-70 but their copy wasn't nearly as sharp as mine, they sent it back and the replacement was even worse, they sent it back and tried one from another dealer and this one which arrived yesterday as a crazy decenterring effect, I tested all three on my A7R and he has tested my copy on his A7R.

what the heck is up with the QC on this 24-70, he like me has the 35 f2.8 and 55 f1.8 all of which are perfect.

My friend is now going to wait a month or two then order the lens again which might not be a bad idea given that the price has already dropped £80 from when I bought mine

two suggestions for your friend:

1. Wait at least a month

2. Order ONLY from the highest-volume seller in the UK - regardless of price

I'm convinced there was a bad first batch of lenses. Going back to the same dealer if he's a low-volume dealer doesn't help

Here in the USA, the best dealer with a phone number is B&H in New York. Their volume is mind-bending. If they had problem lenses in stock, they'll blow through them in days.

I'm going to order mine in April for a May trip. My 28-70 kit lens is better by far than some of the 24-70 samples I've seen. I never suspected Sony of bad copies all through the 16-50PZ discussions, but clearly there are with the lens.

Zeiss? Hah! The Tea Party loves to brand moderate Republicans as "RINOs" - Republicans In Name Only. This lens is a ZINO - Zeiss in name only.

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