What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

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knickerhawk wrote:

So, then, what explains the "specialness" of this image? First and foremost, it's a well composed, well lit rendering of a "precious" scene, but of course that's all about the photographer and has nothing to do with the equipment used. Most of what's not attributable to the photographer's vision when taking the shot has to do with careful RAW processing and extensive Photoshop manipulation. This is a SIGNIFICANTLY PHOTOSHOPPED image. Most of Shumilova's shots show a lot of PS manipulation in them. Often they're quite obvious and not particularly well done.

I think you are over stating the importance of photoshop in these images.  The magic of these images is the mood they create.  Creating a sense of emotion in these images is what separates her from an average photographer.  Her choices of subject, environment, lighting, composition, equipment, camera settings, and post processing all work together to create this mood.  If you took away one of these elements, the images wouldn't be quite as good, but they'd still be excellent.

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