Nikon VS Canon? SLR or Point and Shoot?

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Re: Nikon VS Canon? SLR or Point and Shoot?

I have owned Nikon, Canon and Sony DSLRs, Canon, Nikon and Fuji advanced compacts, and one Nikon superzoom compact. My first impression is that you'd be trading down, performance-wise, even though you could easily find a compact with high def video and long zoom. The two key areas I'm thinking of are sensor size and performance. Those compact cameras look real good at low magnifications, because the color, contrast and sharpness are all pumped up. But a closer look reveals noise and artifacts. This might not be a critical consideration for you, unless and until you wish to apply some of your best work to enlarging or publication. If sharing with family and friends through social media, you may find the images from a compact better than most phone photography.

Nikon currently offers the P7800 with a zoom up to 200mm FF equivalent. The P8000 is almost here and will have higher specs. Their L series cameras zoom farther, but with smaller sensors. Canon's G Series will take you to 140mm, or they also have long zoom compacts comparable to Nikon's. Other brand offerings can meet your size and zoom requirements as well. But if you want the fastest response from your camera and expandability into other quality optics, you're already holding a better option in your hand, with your T5i. If friends' compact photos look better you could certainly adjust your custom picture parameters to higher levels of saturation, contrast and sharpness.

As to the question of "Canon or Nikon", it's pretty much a dead heat race. Each brand has distinctive advantages and disadvantages.

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