Sony A6000 Feature Demo by Sony Rep

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Re: Sony A6000 Feature Demo by Sony Rep

GaryW wrote:

It may be that even people selling the camera aren't really into the cameras like we are. Some of us are very obsessive about the details and use the cameras in-depth. While it'd be nice if a sales person was really that deep into it, they can be knowledgeable about most of it without really experiencing the full depth of its capabilities. I say this not just of cameras, but thinking of other industries as well.

In this case I was actually rather impressed by the way the lady giving the presentations seemsto be an enthusiast. She talked about travelling with the NEX-6 and using an over-sized flash with it, but of course these could just have been sales tricks and the application of NLP techniques... unfortunately I fall for those rather too easily

I agree with your concerns about sellers being surprisingly unknowledgable.  If I was selling something I would try to understand it and what is was capable of: what else was available in the market and what the benefits/disadvantages of each were.  I would do this just because it would make the job so much easier, even if the product was septic tanks, wood treatments or whatever.  How awful to have to spend 9 hours a day selling something you aren't at all interested in and know next to nothing about to people!

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