NX20 and NX30 - ISO capabilities (nearly) unchanged!?

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Re: NX20 and NX30 - ISO capabilities (nearly) unchanged!?

Thank you for the replies.I'd like to add that the white balance was the same on all shots so this is not the reason for the different brightness.

I made another attempt. I shot three photos:

  1. NX20
  2. NX30 with a comparable brightness than NX20 but a changed shutter speed
  3. NX30 with the same settings but as a result a different brightness than the NX20

For ISO 100 the NX20 had a shutter speed of 1 second and the NX30 with a comparable brightness needed only 0.6 seconds. So there is a difference of 0.6 EV! Considering this I could choose a lower ISO for the same shot which should result in a better ISO performance. I'll update the article tonight...

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