Bad Hangovers from Film Days?

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Re: Bad Hangovers from Film Days?

I think the way that ISO is handled on a lot of cameras is kind of a hangover from film. For example, a lot of cameras still don't let you do ISO-based exposure compensation in manual mode (although maybe that's starting to change with some manufacturers).  Also, on my T3 and 60D, I can watch the exposure meter change in real time when I change my shutter speed and aperture.  But when I hit the ISO button, the ISO selection menu takes over the screen (so the meter's not visible in the back or top LCDs anymore), so I sometimes have to change my ISO several times to get the meter reading I want.

It seems like Canon sees ISO as something that doesn't need to be  changed that often - select the ISO you want and then shoot a bunch of shots at that same ISO (like selecting a roll of film and then shooting a series of shots on that roll).  But now that everything's electronic, ISO is just another variable that can change from shot to shot.  So in my opinion, ISO should have equal status to the shutter speed and aperture (i.e. a there should be a third dial to quickly change the ISO).  I think some mirrorless cameras already have this ability now, so maybe some of the manufacturers are realizing that not all photographers want their digital cameras to act like film cameras.

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