Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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Re: Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

digitallollygag wrote:

There are probably a lot of factors for this, many of which you already mentioned. I suspect one reason sales are off is because many cameras either have limited, crippled, or no wi-fi connectivity. The concept of squeezing shutter button, turning off camera, pulling SD card, putting SD card in computer, and downloading images is becoming increasingly foreign to people under 25-years old. Young people especially want connectivity to FB, etc. The stodgy coats-and-ties leadership at Canon and Nikon are finally figuring this out, a little late. They should have been all over the social networking phenomenon back in 2008.

Come on!  You can of course say this with the benefit of 6 years hindsight but I am prepared to bet that if you had been in charge of a photo manufacturer's planning, hurtling into a major world financial crash, you wouldn't have done any different.

It is more than just "the images from my iPhone are good enough". What its really about is getting those images to the cloud. Most traditional digital cameras just don't do this seamlessly, if at all. But that's changing.

Another thing is, the average person is probably keeping his/her digital camera longer because the IQ of their current camera is "good enough".

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