The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

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Re: The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

You're a real sleuth - Ruth.

Presumptuous to the last aren't we  - refusing to consider the technicalities that often lead to the necessity of additional usernames for people caused by that number one of cardinal sins - forgetting your password or email/password combination.

I suppose in Ruth's world, free, online email accounts never become compromised or unsafe to keep using. Never forcing people to open a new email account. Those who have had to endure such an inconvenience will testify to the impossible hurdles the account provider throws at you to stop you having the same name (as already in use according to their records - yes, they are talking about you - the same you, who has held the account for 2yrs or more). In short, one cannot have exactly the same email account again - you have to make an alteration  - such as using your middle name rather than your last. When one is up and running again, people that previously knew you (communication wise) as Mr X, now see you as MR X1.

Oh dear, part of my online identity has been forever altered (how wicked, underhand and deceitful of me).

I suppose in some way, it was my fault all along for not purchasing my own private (ISP-style) email account when the internet began in the 90's.

To avoid further mishaps of forgetfulness, I decide that it will be less precarious if I match (or alter) my new email details to better reflect/remind myself of changes now made.

Which brings us full circle back to Ruth. C.

What does that 'C' stand for? I could hazard a guess but I'm not going to be vulgar here. Perhaps 'C' has a past - a name with a shameful history attached to it. Perhaps Ruth's reason for not displaying her full name, is for very private reasons - but I DEMAND to know, why, she hides in the shadows - who are you really Ruth. C.? Confess! Why do you not display your family name - the world needs to know what you must surely be hiding!

Sorry, am I sounding a little crazy - a tad paranoid - obsessed with my quest to expose you Ruth. C. - sorry, I meant - retired Ruth C.

You're a peace of work Ruth - I'll give you that.

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