Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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Re: Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

A camera in a phone is still a camera, and the image quality is at least as good as that from the typical 35mm fixed-lens rangefinder camera of the 1970s. It is much better than from any Instamatic.

Sales of sensors, lenses, processing chips and LCDs for phones are very healthy, I think. These are the components of any digital camera.

What people are complaining about is low sales of large camera bodies, lens mounts, and so on. But if you look again at the 1970s, only a tiny proportion of the population had 35mm SLRs or medium format cameras. We may be going back to the normal state of business, except that the market is now much bigger because of the growth of a middle class in China and India.

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