Blasted OM-D focusing

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Re: Blasted OM-D focusing

Louis_Dobson wrote:

All cameras have flaws. The OM-D has remarkably few, in my opinion. A fondness for grabbing the background is one of them.

I even find this problem with my E-620s..

If there isnt a sharp edge within the focus frame, they will choose the nearest sharp contrast point to focus on.

Though the eye in that dog photo may seem to be a good contrast point for you and me to focus on, I know that my E-620, EP3, EPM2, Panny G3 et al, would all focus elsewhere. (If the eye is in shadow)

The only camera in that group with PDAF is the E-620. For all of them, SAF+M is the only way to get it, as far as I can tell.

If Im going to try to shoot portraits of anything with a furry face (Horses, Dogs etc) I try to use E-1, E300, E510, or E-520, unless its indoors with good light.

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