Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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Re: More like returning to pre-digital sales levels!

Mike_PEAT wrote:

Everyone keeps talking about dropping camera sales, but what people forget is before digital there was a LOT more competition, and people kept their cameras for decades instead of months...we are just starting to return to that trend where people kept their cameras longer, and camera companies will have to get used to the BLOATED sales returning to NORMAL levels!

Since you mentioned M4/3 the E-M5 I bought is the first camera I bought that I could see myself still using in more than five years from when I bought it.

That is correct. The last decade in photography was the equivalent of the "baby boom": a massive, abrupt, generational change. Sales numbers were just unnaturally high--and nobody knew this because digital imaging was such an unprecedented technology. Who the heck would have predicted a cellular phone was all you ever needed to take a quality, high resolution, snapshot?

The big losers are all the ones who put all their money on the old way of taking photos, and that seems to be everyone in the photo industry. Only apple and GoPro seem to have hit the jackpot.

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