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Re: Price is increasing in Switzerland

I worked out for the Canon G1X MkII in the UK allowing for VAT the surcharge in the UK is 40% comparing Amazon US and UK prices which where $1-$1 prices assuming no Tax in the US and 20% in UK. If the US price included Tax that would increase the 40%.

On the whole Sony are better than most but they are all at it. US probably has built up a lot of price resistance to products and once the consumers start to squeeze the manufacturers it is difficult for them to break out of the cycle. Nikon did the worst pricing when the £ price on the recommended price was higher than the $ pricefor a P7xxx.

I expect it is good for the Far East manufacturers as they can service a high turnover/low margin business in the US and a low turnover/high margin business in Europe which probably hedges sales fluctuations in both these massively indebted economic zones.

parallaxproblem wrote:

I looked a couple of weeks ago and the best pre-order price was CHF620, then last week it was CHF650 and now it is CHF670 with the more 'normal' cheap internet sellers wanting between CHF720 and CHF735. Sales tax in Switzerland is 8%. CHF1 = USD1.14 so we are looking at about $110 to $125 more than US price when Tax and exchange rate is taken into account ie. about 18% more expensive

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