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Newgumshoe wrote:

Spoiler alert - this is a moan

I am so sick of this - A6000 body $648 = £390. Best price I can find in the UK (and Europe) is £589. I know that includes VAT at 20% but I assume the US price includes some sort of sales tax?

I'd get a relative to buy for me but of course, the guarantee could be an issue if there was a fault. Also, I wanted the silver but the US sites only appear to be selling the black.

I just don't see why the same camera costs over £150 more in Europe.

As far as I know the A6000 is not yet available in the UK, so prices are not necessarily established.
Historically, when a new model is introduced the price is artificially high to make a killing from the "must have the latest thing" crowd.
The price usually falls to a more sustainable level after 4-6 months.
According to the "Camera Pricebuster" web site , the NEX6 body was £700 when it was first introduced (Sept 2012) which is way above the current suggested price for the A6000. After 7 months the NEX6 had fallen to around £500 (summer 2013 onwards), which probably represents a median price, and not much lower than the current notional price for the A6000.
Now it is discontinued the NEX6 body can be found for under £400.

Since Sony introduce new models with such frequency, why not wait until the A6000 is replaced in about 18 months time, and snap up a "discontinued" bargain?

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