Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

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Re: Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

Adventsam wrote:

RJH1981 wrote:

I agree with Ken. Sony has image stabilized sensors already. Canon and Nikon bodies do not provide IS so it is part of the lens features for those on Sigma.

Hello, it has a button, turn it off, the OIS provides an evf stabilised view unlike Sony provides, to disable it is madness and its no cheaper either.

You have no knowledge that Sigma even keeps all the parts necessary for the in lens stabilization in the A mount lens.

There is an advantage in optical alignment to locking all lens elements in perfect optical alignment.  Gives slightly better images than the out of alignment that is part of active in lens stabilization.

I expect that having stabilization actually working would cost the company more as it would involve more assembly steps and alignment steps.

You have stabilization to use with the Sigma lens or any other lens used on A mount Sony Cameras. Sigma (or Tamron who also do the same thing) can make their own choices, they seem to sell the lenses just fine in plentiful numbers.

I know it's not a deciding factor with me for buying the Tamron 18-270 lens I use, or the Tamron 150-600 lens I've preordered.

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