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Re: With the latest firmware...

Sure.  But anything can brick while flashing, so I don't do it unless the update does something useful.  I've done it now, now big deal.  Can't see anything useful....

radsaq wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

David Kieltyka wrote:

...the E-M5 now has optional smaller focus rectangles. Note that even with older firmware you can shrink the focus point size by activating the manual focus rectangle (works even in AF mode) and setting it to 14x.


Thanks folks - no I have not upgraded the firmware, I'm a computer person in another life, so I don't risk bricking things for no reason, and as at now I've seen nothing in the FW upgrades that I want.
I set the camera to 14x by instinct as soon as I pick it up. I leave it set there anyway, but I like to be sure!
14x is just not enough. Would more recent firmware let me take it in tighter?

The firmware update process is probably a lot less dangerous than you think. What really bothers me as a software engineer is that the updater program seems to pretend that what is at least a three step process is just one. The steps it is doing are clearly something like:

  1. download latest firmware image
  2. copy firmware to device over usb
  3. tell device to flash firmware

It is easy to identify this is what's happening if you watch any sort of system monitoring software and what the device is showing on its screen. The majority of the update time (as indicated by the updater) is spent downloading. Shortly after the download finishes (but not immediately, which is why I'm pretty sure there's a 'copy to device' step in there), the camera switches to the 'updating firmware' image on the display.

For obvious reasons I haven't tested it, but assuming I'm right (and if they've architected everything in a reasonable manner), then step 3 should be the only time during the update process that it would be possible to brick the device by losing power or whatnot. At that point it shouldn't even need the USB connection anymore. And if you're watching the camera display, you'll see that it's only in step 3 for 20-30 seconds or less, instead of the minutes it can take for the download in step 1.

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