NX20 and NX30 - ISO capabilities (nearly) unchanged!?

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Re: A comment on your test page...

pixelpushing wrote:

I think bears posting here:

Hmm, I read it on there, here's my reply to it on here I guess.

Thanx for the test. Really appreciate.
Possibly you’ll be attaced by “experts” on dpreview.

Those of us on dpreview also appreciate the time taken to provide these shots. Attacked.., not really, scrutinized, absolutely.  Experts... never claimed any such thing, I think most people on here just do their best to be discerning.

Ignore them. Your test is good enough to show that there is no difference in nose performance between the two cameras.

I agree, absolutely no difference in nose performance, the photos from both cameras smell exactly the same ^_^.  We were speaking of noise performance though...

There is however, contrast difference. NX30 seems to be more contrasty

Is it really?  I don't have an NX30, and thus not much experience with it's output, but to me it doesn't appear to have more contrast.  That is, the brights are brighter... but the darks are brighter too... This is why I think there may be some difference in the white balance.

, hence the difference in perceived brightness. I would also speculate that nx30 has slightly different UV / IR filter.

Hmm, certainly possible.

You could easily figure out which spectrum UV or IR is different by looking for instance on CA footprint.
Eric (the guy on dpreview) said that NX30 is sharper than previous NX cameras but i do not see any sharpness difference. I see only contrast difference.

Hmm, Eric usual has his stuff straight, maybe we should dig deeper, I would post comparisons, but I have no NX30, or 20 for that matter, just the 300.  I do notice more detail in the high iso shots of the NX30.  This is probably also true at low isos, but it's just less of an apparent difference.

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