XF 85-300mm f2.7-3.7?

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Re: XF 85-300mm f2.7-3.7?

Nah, I agree with the others.  I don't see the point either.
If you're inclined to carry massive equipment like that to shoot birds, wildlife, or sports, you may as well get a DSLR.  Using a heavier DSLR isn't going to change the weight of your camera bag too much anyway.   For now, they're better for tasks that typically require such lenses.

I suppose it's a smart idea though.  If these Fujis end up being as good as DSLRs at AF, and an EVF will allow users to track subjects as well as the OVF of a DSLR, then it'll be seen as a smart, progressive move.  However, right now, it's not necessary for the X-series.

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