XF 85-300mm f2.7-3.7?

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Re: XF 85-300mm f2.7-3.7?

Joachim Gerstl wrote:

dotborg wrote:

What do you all think of this?


If it ever comes it'll certainly be amazing, but also one big-ass lens with a filter size of at least 82mm.

Nice lens but wrong system. I would prefer to see some small primes. Where is the sense in putting a large lens on a small camera that can't capture action. If I want that I would use a DSLR.

Well, the point is for wildlife (among other things). Also, the X-T1 can capture action, it's just not as fully-featured as a pro DLSR. Anyway, Fujifilm already has a "super telephoto zoom lens" on their XF lens roadmap. Whether or not it's this design remains to be seen.

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