Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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Re: Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

digitallollygag wrote:

I suspect one reason sales are off is because many cameras either have limited, crippled, or no wi-fi connectivity. The concept of squeezing shutter button, turning off camera, pulling SD card, putting SD card in computer, and downloading images is becoming increasingly foreign to people under 25-years old. Young people especially want connectivity to FB, etc. The stodgy coats-and-ties leadership at Canon and Nikon are finally figuring this out, a little late. They should have been all over the social networking phenomenon back in 2008. It is more than just "the images from my iPhone are good enough". What its really about is getting those images to the cloud. Most traditional digital cameras just don't do this seamlessly, if at all. But that's changing.

Maybe being behind the curve relates to aging senior management, as at Canon: CEO is 78, CFO is 73, Chief Technology Officer age 72, Chief Director of Planning age 68, average age of board members is 70.

Another thing is, the average person is probably keeping his/her digital camera longer because the IQ of their current camera is "good enough".

Improvements, especially to DSLR's, have become predictably minor and incremental in nature, being a mature design. The sensor MP race is over when the everyperson DSLR has a 24MP sensor still housed in thick black bodies with bulky lenses and yielding minimal improvement over the 16MP sensors that preceded them. When it takes pixel peeping to see the difference, you've lost a lot of your audience.

I myself have "slimmed down" to an E-M5 with 4 lenses taking me from 18-600mm (35mm equivalent). And I now only even use this for intentional photography like landscapes, portraits and for travel. The rest of the time, it's now an iPhone for my construction record photography.

It hit me tonight while looking over our company program's cellphone upgrade options. I can now get a 5.2" screen LG G2 with 13MP camera and a whole gamut of apps, yet weighing the same as my older 3.5" screened iPhone 4S. Or I can wait 2 months and the G3 will be released with a further improved camera with OIS and a 5.5" hi-res touch screen. Always with me and allows for instant photo downloads, surfing the web, checking emails and, oh yes, it's a phone too.

The camera phone tsunami has hit and we may well now be witnessing the tide of traditional cameras receding. I wonder if one is already perceived as being "old" walking around with a black DSLR strapped around one's neck. A pity if so, but then, how much of marketing is about fashion in the first place?

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