What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

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Re: What really makes big sensors produce more appealing images? *Serious*

The fact that big sensors are owned by people who can do this to a photograph:


I think the guy spent an half hour on one photo fiddling in ways I don't understand.

And a for instance on the physical problem.  When I make my own lenses.  They are not perfect since that is not possible.  They have small errors in shape and clarity.  When I build teeny tiny sensors for them, the errors dwarf the sensor.  My smallest sensor is the size of a pin head and holds 18 megapixels but a lot of them get blocked by the lens errors.

My big sensors see the small errors like Godzilla's eyes notice a fly.  It doesn't register to him.  The errors are so tiny in relation to the sensor.  Build some lenses large enough to fit his eye glasses (if Godzilla was near sighted) and the small errors would be so small to him, he would think they were optically perfect.  Godzilla was often mad at Japan because mirrorless cameras were always made too small for him to handle.

At least that is how I see it as a beginner with eyeballs that are no longer "L" quality and rapidly approaching point and shoot lens quality.

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