Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

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Re: Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

LeicaBOSS wrote:

My reasoning is simple. When I really have no horse in the game and simply want to know which method works best for my photos.

And I...

If you have an emotional attachment to SteadyShot, by all means, continue believing. It's much better than using no OS.

I mostly don't use SteadyShot because my primary concern is high IQ to say the least!

So I won't over-exaggerating the benefit of a system VS another one as you does, simply because I don't like it and prefer the use of a strong tripod...

But I begin to use OIS in the film era. The least that can be said is that is a very old and outdated techno... And have many weak points.

1.Take 100 shots of a given target A) With "Steady Shot" and a long lenses at a give shutter speed and B) 100 shots with in-lens OIS and the same settings

2. And I alternate 10 shots at a time, back and forth, with a 30 second rest period between to capture these 200 photos

3. And I randomize and evaluate the images 'blind' , marking them roughly as "unacceptable" "acceptable" and "tack sharp" (by adding an EXIF comment)

4. Record the results, by comparing the EXIF with the shot log

5. Run a few statistical analyses. You can argue which method is most appropriate

6. Repeatably, the OIS produces significantly more total keepers and more "tack sharp" images. (t-test is fine for this, esp with p consistently <0.05)

7. It's reasonable to conclude that the OIS likely performs better

Again you like syllogisms. "Because you find (or don't find) an expected result with a system, then you deduct prematurely that one had disqualified the other."

But does your protocol was relevant? Afaik, it was not. So, if not, the cause was some wrong criteria which helped you wrongly to disqualified one system VS another (but not because it was a pragmatic reasoning, because it seems to be you missed many points what doesn't appeared in your description, and there is a real bad luck that conclusion was erroneous, sorry if that hurt)

OR - you can post a single image from each and draw broad conclusions. I'm sure the latter is much better.

Bottom line is that this method for evaluating OIS is quite fair. The Sigma 180mm f/2.8 APO MACRO and A77 were the lens/body combo used.

I don't know if it was "fair", but I'm sure it was not enough severe.

It seems to be that some people have a worrying tendency to restrain only points which helped defend them own analysis! .

(Sorry, I care about my photos more than I care about arguing with you) BOOM goes the dynamite.

Well yeah: "boom" (if so that was an argument to you) I will stop to participate more!

No offense, but I hope for you, that you could trying to be more realistic.

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