Leaked images of the Nikon V3

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rhlpetrus wrote:

it's a V1 minus the VF hump, with a small grip and a few dials and buttons. And tilting LCD. This could have been the V1, I bet they'd have sold a lot more by now.

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My initial reaction to this design is, not bad, and I can see how Nikon tried to simplify the Series 1 body family with this design and create something that would sell in both Asian and NA/Euro markets. It's like the Oly EP-5 in that it can have a viewfinder if you want it, but gets really small if you don't, and if you want a really good grip to balance the 70-300 that's being released with it - or a honking video lens - there's that, too.

On the downside, I'm a little concerned about what the chimeraic / modular nature of the body subsystem does to not only your wallet but the ergonomics. For example, the grip duplicates the shutter button. To be fair, the Oly EM-5 has this issue as well, but its front control wheel is concentric with the shutter on the top plate. The V3 has a vertical body-mounted control wheel that is blocked by the grip. From what I can see it looks like the grip has a horizontal control wheel below the shutter that probably replaces the vertical wheel, but that's two different ways of interacting with the camera involving two distinctly different finger motions (and maybe fingers), which may be an issue if you frequently remove the grip. We'll have to see. It may be completely natural.

In any case, I see NA/Euro users configuring the V3 with grip and viewfinder pretty much 100% of the time, and Asian users far less frequently.

Again, though, Series 1 needs some fast primes and f2.8 zooms pronto for this system to make sense.

And Nikon still hasn't released a competitor to the RX100II or RX-10. Maybe it's too late for that.

And - oh, no, huge fail. $1200 MSRP for body, grip, 10-30 PD, EVF. AF and high speed is better than an EM-10, but IQ?

Acck. Great body, pity about the legs.

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