Leaked images of the Nikon V3

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Re: Video focus - target is Blackmagic?

samfan wrote:

nigelht wrote:

The more I look at this the more I think that the target is more Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera than other mirror less cameras like the Sony.

I also have the feeling they were trying to appeal to videographers more than photographers, sidestepping their 'not having a dedicated video camera' issue.

However, in my humble opinion (not knowing pretty much anything about video), they missed that target. 120 fps is nice, but everyone wants 4K these days to be future-proof. 720p is really old now.

In fact, N1 was exciting to videographers for some time for essentially offering short bursts of 4K RAW video at 60 fps and it doesn't seem this camera is going to top that it seems.

I'd rather have ProRes than 4k in the V3.   I suspect that overheat is still an issue and many folks don't have a real 4K workflow yet.  That's also a lot of data to push and the BMCC drops frames on all but the highest speed cards when shooting raw.

The V3 might be a more usable middle ground for prosumers and some pros than the BMCC.

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