Leaked images of the Nikon V3

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Re: Leaked images of the Nikon V3

OK now this look really really good.

In fact it looks really tempting... As if Nikon knows what they're doing.

But really, no built-in EVF on such a camera... That's just wrong. Heck even the P7800 has gotten an EVF! What's so had to understand that? So now EVF will be in the V5? Or never?

Anyway, it does seem like Nikon has thrown everything they have on the V3. Maybe they did actually figure out that they fokked up with the previous series.

Unfortunately, in the typical Nikon manner, the only lenses we get are more slow zooms, in particular ANOTHER slow basic kit zoom. So no, the camera design departments may know what they're doing, but whoever is doing planning for the lens lineup has their head in their butt.

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