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Re: Just so we're clear. . .

I never understand what makes people create threads recommending people stop shooting camera "x" and use what they use.  Who really cares?  Who cares what people shoot? I know what works for me, i never assume it will work for anyone else because we have different requirements and shooting styles.  People track mirrorless vs DSLR camera sales like it's their favourite sports teams.

I have a good point and shoot and a mirrorless camera and they're great when i need to travel light but when I want to do more serious work, I bring the DSLRs because ergonomically, they're much nicer to use.  My expectation is that the DSLR form factor will survive and the mirror will disappear, just like the film disappeared and was replaced by a digital sensor.  I'm not going to worry about it, I'll find the camera that suits me and I'll shoot it, often, until it dies

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