Leaked images of the Nikon V3

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Re: Leaked images of the Nikon V3

iamthenewguy wrote:

Looks pretty sweet. Of course the big question is how the sensor performs, but aside from that I like the fact that it's modular. I don't think I'll buy this (too happy with the V2 and I can wait to see V4 and so on) but it's pretty cool that you could slap the 10mm on it and walk out the door with a tiny camera, then when you don't care too much about size attach the grip and EVF plus the UWA or 32mm and you have an extra function button plus the ability to frame in bright light. The only drawback of course is it's either flash or EVF, so I'm not sure how much I like that.

Agreed on all points (except that I skipped the V2 -- we are on alternate generations -- so if the sensor performs, I am likely in).

I like my V1 -- if I get the V3, I will continue to use it for two-camera video situations and may leave a different lens mounted for quick changeability (although a big difference in sensors may discourage that idea); I think my daughter likely would also talk me into teaching her how to use the V1.

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