Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Re: No, you just learned to use the Photonija Noise Reduction slider properly after being tutored.

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

No you aren't getting what I said. Noise reduction of ANY kind compromised the EM1's image by losing detail in the process. The X-T1 being processed via PhotoNinja using or not using the NR setting has virtually NO loss of detail where there is some to begin with BIG difference.

That's not what you wrote. You said that what you did in fact see an problem with the detail. You used the word "resolution." Speaking of the X-T1 RAW processed in PhotoNinja, you wrote:

"There is a ton more noise than in the Jpeg and it doesn't provide the kind of resolution and quality image I would expect from a competent converter. The RAW's coming out of Lightroom from my former EM1 was far superior, and I KNOW this can't be right."

The problem was not with the converter. The converter was showing you what the Fuji RAW files REALLY have in them. It even shows the chroma noise! You were looking at Fuji RAW files processed without a lot of noise reduction added in, unlike what you had been accustomed to seeing in the OOC jpeg files. Once you were told where to find the luminance noise slider, you came back ecstatic. You were seeing those nice smooth images again.

I'll betcha that Photo Ninja noise slider could clean your Olympus files up nice and smooth too.

As for my statements (what you call cheering) regarding the "shutter shock" thing with mft....I've NEVER once seen it in all the files I shot with several different mft cameras. That was what I was making a declaration of. If it exists it is likely a flaw of the shooter not the camera and I'm sticking with that.

LOL, you wrote:

"Yeah I think these shutter shock fanatics need to get their eyes fixed. I'm so dang sick and tired of hearing the excuses for their inabilities to stabilize their cameras and lenses."

You're defending the camera likes it's your virgin daughter. Many people have seen shutter shock in those Olympus cameras. Even Dpreview saw shutter shock. Many people find an issue with the four-way controller on the X-T1 too.

Here's your MO. You adopt a camera, put the rose glasses on, become a huge cheerleader, badmouth the old system and at the same time badmouth anyone who doesn't see your new camera as the next coming. I wonder what camera you'll be cheering for next year.

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