Leaked images of the Nikon V3

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Re: I think it looks gorgeous!

Aspenz wrote:

But seriously, it looks so polished... although I still can't figure out what the dotted cover means since the EVF attaches in the middle in the second photo.

That is likely to be a built in flash. Since there is no flash hot show on top of the EVF connected to the hot show on which the EVF is mounted, it would be your only means of using flash with the EVF attached. That could be OK if the rumour of CLS compatibility is true.

Whether it is worth upgrading depends on how much better (if at all) the sensor is, and the cost with EVF, and how secure the EVF is if left mounted permanently, and the battery it uses (for both compatibility with other Nikon cameras, and battery capacity). And what useful features of the V1 and V2 they may have decided to cut.

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