Reliability: Have you had to repair your Olympus E-M5?

Started Mar 13, 2014 | Polls thread
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Dave729 Regular Member • Posts: 190
Reliability: Have you had to repair your Olympus E-M5?

Lets get an idea of how reliable the E-M5 has been for you.

Select the right answer for your experience.

E-M5 owners or former owners only please!

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No, my E-M5 has never needed repairs.
70.6% 60  votes
My E-M5 needs repair, but I haven't had it repaired yet.
8.2% 7  votes
Yes, I've had my camera repaired once and the problem was solved.
16.5% 14  votes
I've had to send my camera in multiple times for the same problem.
1.2% 1  vote
I've had to send my E-M5 in for more than one problem.
3.5% 3  votes
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