Nikon Should launch great Camera(FF Small Body) before Fuji launch FF

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Re: Nikon Should launch great Camera(FF Small Body) before Fuji launch FF

RedFox88 wrote:

Maverick2007 wrote:

I think, in my opening Nikon should launch Good product that can have FF sensor and size equals to X-T1. I think Nikon will be in great trouble if Fuji launches FF camera.

Why would fuji launch a 35mm camera when all their lenses made over the past few years are aps-c? they've clearly drawn their line as to what their products will be. They want to do a limited product, niche` market without goals of being huge or high volume.

If Fuji wanted to test the waters with FF, they'd probably do a fixed lens FF camera first (like a FF version of the X-100) and see how it went since they can do that without a FF lens system.   If, and only if, they had very nice success with that, could I see them deciding to build an entirely parallel FF lens system.

My guess is that they've put their big bets on APS-C for now and are going to continue to invest in making those better and better (that's personally what I hope they do because I don't want their APS-C efforts diluted by having to build a whole parallel FF system).  One of the strengths of the Fuji APS-C system vs. Nikon is that they've optimized their lens designs for APS-C whereas Nikon expects you to use FF lenses for a lot of your APS-C needs.  And, the Fuji XF lenses are all very, very nice quality.  I don't remember that last time we got a new DX lens from Nikon of comparable quality to the Fuji XF lenses.

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