Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series?

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Re: Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series?

maple wrote:

IQ is Quattro is not my concern, though it’s good to have reviews to confirm it.

My point is that I’m not convinced that the unconventional shape actually serves any practical purpose that a more convention design would not do. I could be wrong, but then Quattro is not quite ready for the prime time.

A camera does not only need to feel right in your hand when shooting. It’s equally important that it’s as less cumbersome to carry around as possible.

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There is a reason they added that bulbous handle-style "grip" on the side of the new DP series Quattro cameras. It houses the extra large battery. Could they have made the whole camera somewhat thicker, and put a slightly bigger battery door on it, so they could make a thicker and wider battery to go into the new camera instead? Sure, but then people would accuse them of going backward, making their compact camera thicker. It would not be a good scene. With this design they have made the camera "thinner" and they have made it so it is not quite as "tall" either. It looks sleek that way. It also looks bigger, though it might even be more pocketable, because it is now long and narrow, rather than just bulkier overall.

So have they done a good thing? Only time will tell, but I believe their claims that the photos are sharper and have less noise in them. I think Sigma is pretty honest with their claims overall. They claimed my SD14 is 14 megapixels, and though the SuperHI jpeg images are 14 megapixels, they are not quite as sharp as other 14 megapixel JPEG images. But when I shoot in 4.7 megapixel resolution, I find that the photos hold detail that is better than what I can get from a Nikon D200 (probably about equivalent to what a Nikon D300 produces). I feel like the photos are as sharp as what I used to get with my Canon 5 D. I'll give them 14 megapixels. It's a little bit of a stretch, but not a lot. I also believe that the SD1 is a little bit of a stretch to believe it is as sharp as a 46 megapixel camera . . . but not a huge stretch, from what I've seen from people shooting both Nikon D800E and Sigma SD1 Merrill cameras. To understand where I'm coming from you need to understand that I believe that the SD1 is capable of doing things with the right lens that very few people have actually done, and some people have found that the sensor is capable of capturing detail that the Nikon (even the E version of the D800) is not. I'll refer you to this:


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