D600 dropped in ocean!

Started Mar 11, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: D600 dropped in ocean!

djmagro wrote:

I was wondering if I'd be better to replace the Main Circuit Board once it is dry. I rang Nikon and they said they wouldn't fix bother fixing it, but I am determined to fix it if all it needs is a dry and maybe replacement PCB.

Nikon knows what they are talking about.  Salt has gotten into the electronics and what would need to be replaced would cost near the price of a new camera.  Salt will continue to corrode electronics.  There may  not be any water inside anymore, but salt is still there.

Water damage will void warranty and also make repair facilities decline to even start work on it because it's not a simple fix and they don't want to be on the  hook for "further problems" that arise after repair as more components fail.

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